What We Do

The CFH Learning Centre has been growing, innovating, discovering, launching and improving Carriers of some of the most accomplished and influential women and men in the Health Sector in Eastern Africa. Today we stand among a select group of organizations providing tailor made learning through fieldwork, networking and engagement with some of the best Public Health lecturers...readmore


Whether you are working with HIV/AIDS or malaria patients, or assisting in the delivery of high quality treatment in a different area of medicine in Africa, you have the opportunity to make a significant addition to the life and work of a hospital or clinic which will value and appreciate your contribution...readmore

 The Public Health Zeitgeist (PHZ) is a platform where Health professionals shape trends in Healthcare by exchanging knowledge to improve public health services and produce social value. The PHZeitgeist will challenge you to stretch your thinking boundaries. Featured speakers are building innovation hubs in the region, crowdsourcing humanitarian response, driving health policy and using innovative technology to drive health service delivery. They are building medical devices out of broken toys and using boats, motorcycles,..readmore


Drawing on the extensive experience of 52 Health and Development consultants globally, we help governments and health service organizations identify and deliver programs with pace, certainty and strategic agility. Our role is to give a hand, to train and to create linkages. We work with organizations to translate innovative health programs, whether small or grand, whether local or global, into life changing initiatives. We want to inspire and let ourselves be inspired...readmore



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